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From the 30 inch rental aerator for the home owner to the 60" heavy duty commercial turf aerator, Turf-Aire has the right aerator for your aeration needs. Using 3/4 inch true coring tines, and our innovative design, Turf-Aire aerators can boost of coring depths up to 4.5 inches. The Turf-Aire Aerator travels on independent tine wheels for a short turning radius without adding stress to your equipment or the turf.

All Aerators come standard with the three point hitch, and can be easily converted to a tow aerator by adding the optional tow hitch, lift kit, and wheel assembly kits, allowing you to tow your aerator with you existing utility vehicle, zero turn mower, or ATV. The 30" Pro-Aire Rental aerator comes standard as a tow unit, and can be towed with your residential lawn tractor.

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