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Tow-Z and Zero Turn Lawn Tractor

The TOW-Z is a commercial grade, fully self-contained tow mower, built for the rigors of commercial use. When used in conjunction with ATVs, utility vehicles, or commercial grade zero turn mowers it becomes a wing mower greatly enhancing mowing productivity without stress to your equipment. When attached to a commercial zero turn lawn tractor, the TOW-Z can reduce your cutting time in half with just one operator, increasing acreage cut per hour while reducing man hours needed. With deep tunnel deck design, high blade tip speed, anti-scalp, ease of height adjustment, and extreme maneuverability, the TOW-Z finishing mower is your best choice for commercial turf care. The TOW-Z finishing is the only tow mower designed for use with a commercial zero turn mower, leaving no un-cut grass.

Customer Testimony Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the 60' Tow Z I got from you a short while back. I only have a few hours on it but so far it has preformed exactly as I needed. I have a couple friends admiring it and its possible you get another sale from this area. If you have anyone wanting an opinion from a customer I would be happy to tell them of my experience with it. Let Mr. Bishop know that I appreciate his time discussing the mower with me before the purchase. Thanks again. Jackson, MS

The TOW-Z can be connected to your ATV for use as a trail mower in places you cannot use a ZTR, or for use as a ATV attachment to make use of equipment you already have on hand. Compared to other trail mowers on the market, the TOW-Z offers Kohler engines in 18 HP and 25 HP giving you higher blade tip speed for a better cut, heavier construction to give you more years of use, and the patented frame and rear turning design allows for better steering, and less stress on your ATV. The TOW-Z is made to true commercial standards, and will keep cutting long after the other trail mowers have gone to the scrap yard. TOW-Z Trail Mower

Standard Features includes

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18 HP Kohler, Manual Start, 60" side discharge     $2,495.00
18 HP Kohler, Electric Start, 60" side discharge     $3,295.00
25 HP Kohler, Electric Start, 72" side discharge $4620.00
Straight Tow Hitch w/Wiring for towing $90.00
Offset Tow Hitch w/Wiring
Includes Loading Hitch

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