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Heavy Duty Turf-Aire

The TURF-AIRE Heavy Duty Coring Aerator is built to last for professional turf management.

Made to handle the big jobs in life, the Heavy Duty Turf-Aire Coring Aerators can tackle any job you have. Choose from the 36" to the 60" models and with a choice of hitching methods there's one to fit your budget. The 3-point hitch is standard on the heavy duty turf aerators, and is easily converted to a tow model using the Tow Hitch Kit, Lift Kit, and Wheel Assemble Kit for use with your utility vehicle or ATV.

Tines wheels turn independently for a shorter turning radius without damanging the turf or equipment. Each tine wheel comes with eight 3/4 inch coring tines for 6' x 6' spacing, giving you up to 9 holes per square foot. Tine wheels can be doubled for 6" x 3.5" spacing and up to 18 holes per sq foot. Depending on soil conditions, no additional weight is needed to achieve coring depths up to 4.5 inches.

Heavy Duty Towed by Cushman Truckster   

Limited Time User Price
plus shipping
User Price Weight
36" 3-pt hitch Heavy Duty Turf Aerator $1,499.00 598 lbs
36" Heavy Duty TOW Turf Aerator $1,799.00 655 lbs
48" 3-pt hitch Heavy Duty Turf Aerator $2395.00 758 lbs
48" Heavy Duty TOW Turf Aerator $2744.00 815 lbs
60" 3-pt hitch Heavy Duty Turf Aerator $2895.00 923 lbs
60" Heavy Duty TOW Turf Aerator $3354.00 980 lbs
38680    3/4 Inch Coring Tine     $4.50
38682A    DBL Lift Kit w/Wheels $425.00
38680     TOW Hitch Kit $110.00
38682     Lift Handle Kit W/Spring $149.99
38481    Wheel Kit $299.00
38481   Double Wheel Kit $349.00

TOW Units includes the Tow Hitch Kit,
Wheel Kit, and Lift Handle w/Spring

Price does not include shipping.
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Prices are current as of Aug 2011. Subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include shipping or additional costs.

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