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From professional landscapers, parks and recreation, to the rental market the Turf-Aire Pro-Aire Model is versatile, easy to use, and comes in three widths 36", 48" and 60". Weight is easy to add when needed.

The 3-point hitch is standard on the 36", 48" and 60" turf aerators. In addition, conversion to a tow model is simple with the addition of the Tow Hitch Kit, Lift Kit, and Wheel Assemble Kit allowing the Pro-Aire Coring Aerator to be towed by four-wheelers, utility vehicles, and zero turn commercial lawn tractors.

Bishop Enterprises, Inc. targeted the Pro-Aire Model for Zero Turn mowers, but the PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator can be universally hitched to any tow power source. The zero turn riders allow the aerator to reach those tight areas giving you greater productivity for your turf care needs.
The innovative design of the Turf-Aire Coring Aerator, by Bishop Enterprises, Inc. is what makes the Turf-Aire Coring Aerator so unique. Each of the tine wheels turn individually for short turns and the tensile strength of our 3/4" coring tines is unmatched. The wheels can be double tined for 6 in X 3.5 in spacing giving you up to 18 holes per square foot.

Suggested List Price
plus shipping
User Price Weight
36" 3-pt hitch PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator $1,099.00 364 lbs
36" TOW PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator $1,399.00 421 lbs
48" 3-pt hitch PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator $1,299.00 412 lbs
48" TOW PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator $1,599.00 469 lbs
60" 3-pt hitch PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator $1,699.00 487 lbs
60" TOW PRO-AIRE Coring Aerator $1,999.00 544 lbs
38680    3/4 Inch Coring Tine     $4.50
38680    TOW Hitch Kit $110.00
38682    Lift Handle Kit W/Spring $110.00
38481    Wheel Kit $299.00
38481    Double Wheel Kit $349.00

TOW Units includes the Tow Hitch Kit,
Wheel Kit, and Lift Handle w/Spring

Price does not include shipping.
Please call 615-233-5173 for freight charges
Prices are based on current manufacturing costs.
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Prices are current as of Aug 2011. Subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include shipping or addtional costs.

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