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Mid-Mount Deck on Mahindra 3015 Tractor

Bishop Enterprises, Inc is the proud manufacture of the Mid-Mount Mower Decks for the 15 Series Mahindra Tractors. These Step Down Decks are built to last using 10 gauge metal, 1/4 inch blades, duct tile bearing housing assembly, cast iron air colled pulleys, and Weasler Drive shafts. The tunnel design allows for high discharge rate, and the high tip speed gives a nice even cut. The Easy On/Easy Off design allows you to remove the deck to tackle other jobs with your Mahindra Tractor.

Comes complete with mounting kit.

Contact your local Mahindra Tractor Dealer for availability.

Parts are still available for purchase through Bishop Enterprises, Inc

Specifications: Mid-Mount Mowers for Mahindra Tractors
Comes with mounting kit
Deck Size
60 "
Fits 2015 4WD, 2015 HST
2615 4WD, 2615 HST
2615 4WD, 2615 HST
2815 HST, 3015 HST, 3215 HST
Cutting Width (in.) 60 Inches 72 Inches
Cutting Height Range (in.) 1.5 - 4 1 - 4
Tractor Mid-PTO Speed (RPM)     2000 2000
Blade Speed (RPM) 2800 2463
Blade Tip Speed (ft/min) 1520 1590
Blades 3 3
Gearbox Housing Cast Iron Cast Iron
Weight 325 400

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