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Available on select Exmark, John Deere, Hustler, and Toro Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

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Kutting Edge Side Walk Edger

NEW Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger
For Zero Turn Mowers
Bishop Enterprises, Inc unveiled the Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger/Curb Edger for the Hustler Commercial ZTR at the Florida Turf Grass show Sept 14-15, 2006. The Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger received great responses, and even received attention from some national representatives attending the show.

The Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger for the Commercial Zero Turn Mower is the first sidewalk edger of this type designed to use on a Commercial Zero Turn Mower. The Kutting Edger Sidewalk Edger will allow a commercial cutter to edge pathways and curbs in less time allowing the commercial cutter to go to their next client sooner.

The Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger works using down pressure from the Electro-Hydraulic pump, which means no whirling blades to throw debris that can injure bystanders, or damange property. The Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger is available for select Exmark, John Deere, Hustler, and Toro heavy frame commercial zero turn mowers. Other lines are currently being evaluated.

The Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger is ideal for edging carts paths on golf courses, parks, cemeteries, and any other application where a manicured pathway is important for your clients.


Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger for ZTR


Kutting Edger Edger on Exmark
Kutting EDGE Edger Mounted on an Exmark ZTR


Edger on John Deere ZTR
Kutting Edge Edger Mounted on a John Deere ZTR

Contact your local Exmark, John Deere, Hustler, or Toro dealer and ask them to carry the new Kutting Edge Sidewalk Edger.

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