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with this innovative approach to edging, using your utility vehicle as the power source. This attachment is capable of doing large area edging on concrete. All that is required is a work truck from one of the manufactures listed below, one operator, and a Kutting Edge Cart Path Edger. The speed and quality of this attachment allows you to edge as needed, not just when you can find the time. The easy-on/easy-off design of the attachment allows you to to use the Kutting Edge Cart path Edger without dedicating a work truck. With the ability to do curbs, sidewalks, cart paths, street medians, and walking trails, this could become one of the most useful tools that you employ. No whirling blades, no thrown objects that could injure the operator or bystander, which makes the Kutting Edge Edger a safe alternative. Ease of adjustment allows this tool to satisfy almost every job requirement, and clean-up is easy with your blower or power broom.

Kutting Edge John Deere. Kubota RTV 900 w/Kutting Edge Edger The Kutting Edge Cart Path Edger is currently used on numerous golf courses, college campuses, and public parks today with great reviews from our customers. This is the only attachment that will pay for itself within the first use. One experienced operator, one Kutting-Edge Cart Path Edger, and one work truck, a 18 hole golf course can be completed within 3 1/2 - 4 hours.

Available for Cushman Truckster, John Deere Pro-Gator, Kubota RTV900, and Toro Workman, and NOW the ClubCar 295 and can be shipped factory direct please call for pricing and shipping quote.

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